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August 23rd, 2016

Crazy schedules....

Sorry that I haven't posted for a couple of days. Sunday was devoted to "taking care of Mother" and trying to get my laundry done and everything packed and organized to go south for the work week.

I think Monday's are just going to be lost days for journaling unless something profound has happened or disturbed me. Why? Because I usually don't sleep well on Sunday nights, I have to be awake at 3:15am to get showered, throw the last minute stuff in the suitcase, feed the cats, make coffee for the road, and have a short visit with Mom on my way out the door at 5am. I arrive at the office at 7:30 and work until 5pm and then lately, it's been trying to find my way to the new place I'm staying for the week, finding groceries, and then falling into bed exhausted around 8pm. So not much time or energy for journaling.

Though I have managed to find a place for the entire month of September. It's a very nice house in a quiet neighborhood out in the countryside. It has other regular "boarders" coming from out of State to work for the week. And it's affordable. I think that after a couple of weeks, if I'm getting along well with the other boarders, I might approach the owners about a monthly rental, just to secure the room.

I've also managed to make a friend during all of this crisis. I rented from her a couple of weeks ago and we hit it off so well, we went to dinner during that week and made a plan to get together tonight, and will probably continue to do so a couple of times a month. So I guess you could say that I'm beginning to build a life, outside of work and outside of the family...which I suppose is a healthy thing??

I'm feeling better physically too. I think that's a combination of getting OFF the alcohol and getting back ON my blood pressure medication. It's been 2weeks, 1day, and 11hours since my last drink - WHOO-HOO!! Celebrating small victories!! And I don't think I really "miss it," at least not this morning. I may feel differently about that as it gets closer to time to go home and back to the family but I'll tackle that when the day comes - one day at a time, as they say.

I find that I'm beginning to crave a bit of exercise, don't know if that's the BP meds kicking in or the anti-depressants. I just know that it's probably a good thing since the Haunted Half Marathon is just over a month away!! LOL!! I wonder if I can really be ready in 9-1/2 weeks?? But I've got to give it a go, I've paid my fees so I'm locked and loaded!! TTYL!!